Polka Dots: DIY

Alright, this will be a first on this blog. It’s against my better judgement to post DIYs because they seem so out of character for me, but to be honest, I do simple things like this to personalize my space all the time. This is a ten-dollar project that took me half an hour: why wouldn’t I want to share it?


You can use techniques like this on almost anything, but I’m demonstrating it on a wooden peg rack from AC Moore. I did a very similar project with the same materials over the summer to hold my coats and hoodies, and today, I spruced up a plain peg rack for all my bags.

You will need: a surface to paint on, at least two colors of paint, at least one paintbrush, paper/bottlecaps, possibly scissors. Make sure the paint you’re using is appropriate for your chosen surface.

P11005361. First, cut out small circles (or any shape you like). My mom makes her own cards, so we have convenient punches like this just lying around. As an alternative, I would suggest a bottle cap to paint around–you don’t necessarily even have to have more than one!

P11005372. Place your circles along the surface to get an idea of where you want to paint. Once you’re satisfied with the way it looks, move on to the next step.
P11005383. Remove the circles and paint small splotches where they were. It’s better to paint a bigger area than the actual size of your shape, because you’ll be painting over the excess later.
P11005394. Occupy yourself for fifteen minutes and wait. Once the paint is dry, place the cutouts back where you had them. Make sure they’re not covering plain surface, only the area you painted.
P11005415. Paint over the cutouts in your second color. They should stay put if the paint is still slightly tacky, but you may want to hold them down with your finger while you paint to ensure they don’t move. Paint the remainder of your piece in this manor.P1100542It should look something like this! Carefully peel off the pieces of paper and admire your finished product. When it is completely dry, you may want to cover it with a clear protective coat to ensure the design doesn’t wear off.



2 thoughts on “Polka Dots: DIY

  1. This is such a cool idea! I’m definitely in need of one of those racks to hold my bags, too. I totally share your bag obsession! 🙂

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