Currently Coveting / An Advocacy for Analogue Art

Scan 13Hello, all! I’m not even going to bother apologizing for my absence because at the rate I’ve been blogging, there’s an apology on half my posts. I have more planned for the future, but unless blogging becomes a real passion again I’m not going to concern myself much with it. I’m finding myself much more inclined to writing in journals and collaging in sketchbooks lately.

Speaking of which, this is a scan of a wishlist page in my sketchbook! I’ve been doing a lot of printing out and cutting-and-pasting lately, and it’s about ten zillion percent more satisfying than pinning on pinboards or even creating a digital collage. Sometimes you just need to step back from the internet and use your hands to get back in touch with your creativity and your true interests. It’s easy for your inner magpie to shine when you collect things virtually, but when you turn back to analogue–collages in sketchbooks, paintings on walls, film photography–you become much more selective in fear of wasting materials, space, or frames, and this selectiveness allows for the discovery of what really matters to you.

In summary, I’ve become a big fan of keeping a sketchbook and a notebook, and using them every day. I’ve taken to carrying my notebook with me at all times, and scribbling down everything from snippets of conversation I overheard at the coffee shop to my plans for the day to a great new idea or a website I want to look up later. My sketchbook is a house for mini moodboards, fashion design, small sketches and even redecorating plans for my bedroom. The sketchbook is certainly neater than the notebook, but the latter is a fantastic way for me to capture my creative spirit while letting go of perfectionism: it’s very okay to be messy.

But now that I’ve advocated analogue art and organization for a few paragraphs, let me get back to the point of this post: a few items on my wishlist this summer. My fashion sense is changing quite a bit, along with a more practical and minimalist approach to living, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still oggle at the treasures I discover online.

1. Kirra Americana iPhone Wristlet.I saw this adorable phone case/wallet combination in a PacSun store a week or so back and I’ve been regretting not picking it up since then. It includes a place to store an iPhone 4/4S along with an ID holder, card holders and the like. Perfect for quick trips to the coffee shop or an outing with friends when you don’t need to be lugging a purse around.

2. Salt & Pepper Shakers in Star Trek and Doctor Who. I practically screamed when I saw these on the Modcloth website. I normally stay away from the “home decor” sections of stores because I end up wanting all sorts of cutlery and kitchenware I have no use for until I’m out of college, because damn it, HOW CAN YOU NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THESE?! They are so beautifully nerdy.

3. Brandy Melville Pineapple Crop Top. I originally saw a picture of this shirt and panicked, thinking the xx had sneakily come out with a new album without my notice. When I traced it back to its source, however, I realized it was just a completely adorable and unrelated crop top. Yay!

4. Paint Chip Placemats. Again with the kitchenware. I have a problem. But paint chips and placemats? You have to admit, that’s a fantastic idea. They’re made by an Etsy seller as well, which makes it even better. Power to small businesses and self-employed artists!

I apologize for the horrendous length of this post — I guess I missed blogging more than I realized. I always have way too much to say. Hopefully there will be more soon to come.